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Hostinify belongs of Teknorata Teknoloji Yazılım Bilişim Ticaret Limited Şirketi (Limited company in Turkey). https://hostinify.com is hostinify’s the real web url.

Who is Teknorata?

Teknorata is a Teknoloji Development company affilated to Eskişehir tax offices in Turkey. With the rapid growth of the information and software industry, the need for DC (Datacenter) has increased in almost every country. Parallel to these developments in Turkey continues to develop new initiatives. Teknorota, which wants to get a share in this field, started its activities in June 2020 with its own capital of 200,000.00 TL (30K USD). The company’s legal address is in Eskişehir province Odunpazarı district. Teknorota, which is active in Eskişehir, serves companies and individuals for domestic and international software computing and technology needs.

Why Hostinify?

In the developing and changing world order, the internet has become a basic need. A company that is not in the Internet area is almost ignored. Almost every day, millions of people exchange information online simultaneously. In this period when the internet is almost everywhere in our lives, every company or person is in an effort to exist on the internet. Increasing efforts are creating new needs. We sincerely recommend Hostinify services if you are looking for a solution to your needs and you absolutely care about it. Your quality will increase several times after you start to receive our services.

Our shared web hosting servers are equipped with high-end technological equipment. It supports the latest software.

In our servers, where we can host hundreds of sites at the same time, we ensure that every person / company gets the maximum benefit by setting certain standard limits in accordance with our company understanding. We never put servers under loads that cannot be lifted. We try to keep our prices as reasonable as possible. We offer you the opportunity to pay month to month so that there is no burden on you. We value you while meeting your needs. Our commercial shopping is valuable to us. We try to provide a fast and accurate solution for all issues related to our fields.